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toshiba indonesia mesin cuci

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Modena OZono, Front Loading Washer, 8 kg, 1100 RPM

Do you know about this brand Modena OZono? Trus me, i really first time hear about this name. This washing machine have 8 kg capacity, for small family, this washing machine is more than enough. From the price six million rupiah, this machine is expensive. My washing machine only three million rupiah, and the quality is best. From the image, form of this machine is weird.

Modena OZono
Model : WF880

Kategori Mesin Cuci > Front Loading
Merk Modena
Stok Ready
Garansi 5 Tahun Modena Indonesia
Harga Rp. 6,100,000,-

Modena OZono, Front Loading Washer, 8 kg, 1100 RPM


Jenis mesin cuci Front Loading
Kapasitas mencuci (kg) 8
Kecepatan peras (rpm) 500 – 1100
Bahan dari kabinet Metal
Warna White
Bahan dari drum cuci luar Polypropylene
Bahan dari drum cuci dalam Stainless
Pengatur suhu air Ya
Jumlah program cuci (+ kering) 11
Program ozone air wash Ya
Program ozone sterilization Ya
Program untuk mencuci Wool Ya
Program tanpa peras Ya
Program muatan cuci ringan Ya
Program mudah disetrika (anti kerut) Ya
Program ekstra bilas Ya
Program cuci cepat Ya
Program pembersih drum cuci Ya
Tombol on/off Ya
Kunci pengaman pintu otomatis Ya
Anti gores panel bagian atas Ya
Konsumsi listrik cuci dingin (watt) 90
Konsumsi listrik cuci panas (watt) 1890
Konsumsi air (liter) 44
Waktu mencuci normal (menit) 69
Filter untuk gangguan gelombang radio Ya
Peredam getaran / Shock Absorbers 2 + 2
Per Pengaman air tumpah Ya
Pencegah cucian tidak stabil Ya
Kotak penempatan deterjen 2
Kaki yang dapat diatur ketinggiannya Ya
Filter cucian / Lint Filter Ya
Panjang (cm) 60 Lebar (cm) 63 Tinggi (cm) 100

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Hitachi Washing Machine Otomatis 16 Kg with Air Jet Dry

You must be know about Hitachi brand, this brand have a lot of product in my country, like fridge, fan, TV, Tape, VCD and washing machine. Today i will review about washing machine. From the image, you can see this machine is top loader, not front loader. And the best of this machine is the capacity 16 KG, you can open laundry service using this Hitachi product. The number of his machine is SF-160JJS.
Hitachi Mesin Cuci Otomatis 16 Kg
Model : SF-160JJS

Kategori Mesin Cuci > Full Automatis Top Loading
Merk Hitachi
Stok Ready
Garansi 3 Tahun Hitachi Modern Indonesia
Harga Rp. 7,850,000,-

Hitachi Mesin Cuci Otomatis 16 Kg


• Beat Wave Wash
• Intelligent Spin
Air Jet Dry
• Nano Titanium Air Jet Filter
10 Wash Program
4-Step Washing System
• 800 rpm Fast Spin Speed
• Dimensions (W x H x D) : 715 x 1,088 x 776 mm

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Toshiba Semi Automatic Washer 12 KG with Wash Tub Stainless Steel

Today i will review about Toshiba product. Toshiba Semi Automatic Washer is good washing machine if we look from the specification. with 5 Convenient Wash Cycle, make this machine one of the nominate to buy. This machine Spin 150, Depth 510 and with another great feature.

Toshiba Semi Automatic Washer 12 KG
Model : VH-1260SN

Kategori Mesin Cuci; Semi Automatis
Merk Toshiba
Stok Ready
Garansi 3 Tahun Toshiba Topjaya Indonesia
Harga Rp. 3,100,000,-

Toshiba Semi Automatic Washer 12 KG


Advanced Microcomputer Operation
5 Convenient Wash Cycle
Anti Baterial Screw Pulsator
The anti-bacterial agent in the pulsator effectively prevents the formation of unhealthy mold and bacteria on the back of the pulsator.
Big Stainless Steel Basket
Stainless steel is used for the spin basket to avoid any build-up of bacteria. Your clothes are washed and spun dry in an anti-bacterial environment that keeps them cleaner and healthier.
Net Wash Capacity (kg) 12
Power Source (Voltage, Frequency) 240V / 50Hz
Weight (kg) 34
Water Level (Litres) up to 65L
Wash Tub Stainless Steel
Spin Tub Plastic
Dimension (mm)
Width 875
Depth 510
Height 1022
Power Consumption (w)
Wash 330
Spin 150
Revolution (rpm)
Wash 130
Spin 1400
Wash Course
Blanket Yes
Gentle Yes
Heavy Yes
Regular Yes
Soak Yes

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