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sharp libre

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Sharp SWD-50DH-WH Water Dispenser Libre Series Top Galon

Dispenser product, i know most of you already have one, but still i want to write about Sharp SWD-50DH-WH. From the image below you can see how this cheap dispenser from Sharp look like. You need to pay Rp. 1,475,000, to own this great dispenser. You also will get 1 year guarantee. Fast Flow Faucets, Top Gallon Bottle, 3 push button, and other, you can read detail below.

Model : SWD-50DH-WH

Kategori Small Appliances > Dispenser
Merk Sharp
Stok Ready
Garansi 1 Thn Sharp Indonesia
Harga Rp. 1,475,000,-

Sharp Water Dispenser Libre Series Top Galon


Fitur Utama :
• Top Gallon Bottle
• Child Lock
Fast Flow Faucets
• 3 push button ( cold, normal, hot )
Fitur lengkap :
Top Gallon Bottle – Penempatan Gallon air diatas
• Large of hot & cooling capacity – Kapasitas penampung air panas dan dingin yang besar
• Ergonomic & Energy saver – Design bodi ergonomis dan memiliki fitur energy saver
• Child Lock – Tombol panas dilengkapi pengaman untuk anak
• Easy loading & fill of large pots – Pot air galon yang besar sehingga memudahkan dalam pengantian galon air
3 push button ( cold, normal, hot ) – 3 Tombol fungsi untuk air dingin / normal / panas
• Big dip tray plated – Tray tatakan gelas berukuran lebar sehingga memudahkan untuk menaruh delas
Power Consumption Max Input Power 750 Watt
Heater Power 650 Watt
Max Cooling Power 100 Watt
Temperature Hot 80 – 92 Cel
Cold 5 – 10 Cel
Refrigerant R134A / 28 gr
Rate Current 3.5 A
Net Weight 14 Kg
Dimensions (W x H X D) 297 x 1020 x 322 mm
Another good product dispenser i know will make you interesting is Sharp SWD-289, just click the link to read more.

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